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Design Thinking

“Design Thinking”

Think of it Design+Thinking

Bringing sustainable innovative solutions/ideas to a problem

We are over 7.4 billion people that live on this small blue planet. We have limited resources. Yes, there are boundaries, but we share air, water, the environment. Our growing energy needs are driving us towards both increasing the production and also finding alternate solutions.

Our prime concern these days towards design thinking should be directed towards environment because solutions we will bring up or have in future are on this planet or will emanate from this planet.

Just think about this idea – “If we place SOx, NOx, CO measurement system in a vehicle and place a control system in the vehicle such a way that if the pollution is more than the prescribed limits of vehicular emission a timer say 200 hours will start and if the driver/vehicle owner doesn’t get things in order the vehicle won’t get started after completion of 200 hours. In this way we will remove polluting vehicles of the road.”

Our work and research towards finding solutions to a problem if are not directed with an aim of sustainability in mind, then there will be more problems in future than there are now. It is the concept of Design Thinking that comes into picture. Without any previous set of data or analytics to a problem, one tends to find a solution by taking interviews of those affected, taking expert opinions and then come up with a solution.



Sustainable This…Sustainable That

The word sustainable has become more of a prefix these days whenever we talk of getting or doing something. But, what exactly does the word sustainable mean.

The word sustainable means doing things in such a way that we get what we need and so does the future generation. 

Smart Grids

A few years back power houses generated power and the grids distributed it. There used to occur load shedding based on peak demand and if there used to be any scope power generated was ramped up.
Simple Grids to supply us the power energy to run our homes, our industries.
Today we are working day and night towards finding other sources/alternatives for power generation and unlike the power few years back this power is decentralized and hence the need for smart and new breed grids.
One major challenge associated with renewable energy is that the power is dependent on weather conditions, if the conditions are conducive we get lots of power. Now unlike our conventional power plants this creates a problem. Hence, smart grids with power storage is of extreme importance today.

Energy Efficiency & Technological Advancements

Standards of living have improved and since the year 2000 global GDP has also risen. New technologies and ideas have brought in a lot of hope and promise to satiate our energy demands and at the same time lowering units spent annually. For example: 275 units (KwH) annual consumption for a 350 L refrigerator.
With the advent of concepts of energy efficiency and good marketing about energy efficient products and devices ( such as the BEE label- 2 star, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star) people are becoming responsible. In simple terms, people think less power usage means less electricity bill.
Also, there are over a billion vehicles on planet earth and that means harmful NOx, and CO emissions from the vehicle. To counter that we are turning to more efficient and stringent Euro Norms.
But still, a lot more needs to be done.

Environment & The Relationship

“Geo” means Earth and “Graphy” means graphing or plotting the forms on Geo

These forms covers many elements but not limited to soil, rocks, oceans, glaciers, mountains, lakes, natural resources, humans,the climate.

All these forms exist in specific surroundings and this surrounding is known as environment.

Their is a growing complexity and different strata of environmental problems we face but mostly they Environment degradation, Sustainable environment, Environmental preservation are the key areas that circumscribe all.


After Affects of What We are Doing for Energy & Resources

Earth is currently warming up and there has been a rise of 0.6 Deg C in the last century. 
With the rising temperature melts our ice cover and the result we are dumping huge volume of water in the oceans or other water bodies. And remember we have 70 % of water covering Earth. The sea levels are rising we may be noticing it as isolated events at some places but these events won’t be isolated. This warming up is a cause of serious concern. All of this leads up to one basic question.

How long do we have, before its too late for us to protect our planet?

Sustainable Energy: Innovation

For achieving sustainable energy, innovation is not a requirement but its more of a necessity.


There are times when snowstorms or severe bad weather in upper reaches likes that in the Himalayas knock out the power for days altogether and inhabitants of that area lead a very tough life.

The situation being faced by these people can be assuaged by using a simple concept that a temperature difference between two regions always means that there is an energy loss, which is occurring and it can be put to useful work.

At colder reaches or higher latitudes, it is extremely difficult for human inhabitants to sustain and if there is a snowstorm and the power is knocked out and this makes life more difficult altogether and there are times when there is no power for days. In higher reaches people burn coal/wood to keep warm when the outside temperature could be as low as -15 deg C or perhaps less than that. Under these circumstances living without power makes life miserable and to add to woes it may take days to restore the power provided the snow storm or the bad weather subsides. It is here that the concept of thermoelectricity can effectively be used to generate power.