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Design Thinking

“Design Thinking”

Think of it Design+Thinking

Bringing sustainable innovative solutions/ideas to a problem

We are over 7.4 billion people that live on this small blue planet. We have limited resources. Yes, there are boundaries, but we share air, water, the environment. Our growing energy needs are driving us towards both increasing the production and also finding alternate solutions.

Our prime concern these days towards design thinking should be directed towards environment because solutions we will bring up or have in future are on this planet or will emanate from this planet.

Just think about this idea – “If we place SOx, NOx, CO measurement system in a vehicle and place a control system in the vehicle such a way that if the pollution is more than the prescribed limits of vehicular emission a timer say 200 hours will start and if the driver/vehicle owner doesn’t get things in order the vehicle won’t get started after completion of 200 hours. In this way we will remove polluting vehicles of the road.”

Our work and research towards finding solutions to a problem if are not directed with an aim of sustainability in mind, then there will be more problems in future than there are now. It is the concept of Design Thinking that comes into picture. Without any previous set of data or analytics to a problem, one tends to find a solution by taking interviews of those affected, taking expert opinions and then come up with a solution.

Environment: Ambient Air & Water Pollution

Measuring both, ambient air conditions, effluent discharge to river bodies is critically important. Industrial pollution mainly consists of Sox,Nox,CO & SPM as air pollutants and measurement of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD(Chemical Oxygen Demand) as critical in terms of water quality measurement.

These days almost all countries have pollution Control Boards,whose sole task is to keep a vigil on pollutants discharged into the environment. It is the pollution boards that prescribes different standards based on new and old installation and also on the types of fuel being used.

Central Pollution Control Board, CPCB , cpcb.nic.in is a nodal agency in India for pollution related efforts. A previous going initiative, which was to provide online data of pollution measurement to pollution boards has picked up and industries to bound provide the data to cpcb and also operate within the limits provided by cpcb.

Brown Mountains from a Distance But…

Eagle & The Mountain

Above is a photograph of a mud colored mountain shot from a distance…

Mountains are magnificent. Think of the Mighty Himalayas, home of the highest peaks in the world.

Now look again closely at our mountain above. Let me bring to your eyes, another photograph of our mud colored mountain.

This is a mountain but unlike what we want to see. This is a mountain of a pile of garbage and this site is located in Delhi. And this is a common site you will find almost in all metropolitan cities.

We humans need food to survive. We eat, our body assimilates what it needs from the food and the rest our body excretes out. So, basically this is human waste.

Likewise, there are many other wastes that are not generated by the human body. Yet the wastes are generated by humans. Yes, where there are humans living there will be waste but then there are also mechanisms in place to tackle this. During my visit to Paris I saw a cylindrical box coming out of a road, I walked close to box see what it was. I realized that it is waste box containing used beer bottles. Wow…What an ingenious idea. And on top of that this box was cleaned regularly and all the bottles/glass re-processed.

If, we humans want we can’t work wonders and we should work wonders for development considering the fact that environment degradation is not an option for our wonders.