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Design Thinking

“Design Thinking”

Think of it Design+Thinking

Bringing sustainable innovative solutions/ideas to a problem

We are over 7.4 billion people that live on this small blue planet. We have limited resources. Yes, there are boundaries, but we share air, water, the environment. Our growing energy needs are driving us towards both increasing the production and also finding alternate solutions.

Our prime concern these days towards design thinking should be directed towards environment because solutions we will bring up or have in future are on this planet or will emanate from this planet.

Just think about this idea –¬†“If we place¬†SOx, NOx, CO measurement system in a vehicle and place a control system in the vehicle such a way that if the pollution is more than the prescribed limits of vehicular emission a timer say 200 hours will start and if the driver/vehicle owner doesn’t get things in order the vehicle won’t get started after completion of 200 hours. In this way we will remove polluting vehicles of the road.”

Our work and research towards finding solutions to a problem if are not directed with an aim of sustainability in mind, then there will be more problems in future than there are now. It is the concept of Design Thinking that comes into picture. Without any previous set of data or analytics to a problem, one tends to find a solution by taking interviews of those affected, taking expert opinions and then come up with a solution.

Sustainable Energy: Innovation

For achieving sustainable energy, innovation is not a requirement but its more of a necessity.


There are times when snowstorms or severe bad weather in upper reaches likes that in the Himalayas knock out the power for days altogether and inhabitants of that area lead a very tough life.

The situation being faced by these people can be assuaged by using a simple concept that a temperature difference between two regions always means that there is an energy loss, which is occurring and it can be put to useful work.

At colder reaches or higher latitudes, it is extremely difficult for human inhabitants to sustain and if there is a snowstorm and the power is knocked out and this makes life more difficult altogether and there are times when there is no power for days. In higher reaches people burn coal/wood to keep warm when the outside temperature could be as low as -15 deg C or perhaps less than that. Under these circumstances living without power makes life miserable and to add to woes it may take days to restore the power provided the snow storm or the bad weather subsides. It is here that the concept of thermoelectricity can effectively be used to generate power.

Energy: Even small ideas can make it work

The Term “Automation” was first coined at Ford Motor Company in 1940s. But in reality if we think of the past we have instances where machines were built to reduce human work, in other words automate the process. The biggest benefit of automation is that it saves labor, however, it is also used to save energy and materials and to improve quality, accuracy and precision.

No idea is small and every idea has its own merits ( and lets not talk about the demerits just for the sake of discussion) & Just Imagine


Use piezoelectric crystals, which have a property to convert pressure into energy installation for generation of power areas of high precipitation. The downpour in areas of high precipitation is with a tremendous gush and force. This gush will provide the necessary pressure for piezoelectric crystals to work and generate power.