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Malthus is true but needs Revision

Thomas Robert Mathus theory, “Principle of Population” proposed that human population grows exponentially,while food production grows at an arithmetic rate.

Malthus theory has been questioned by many and there exist many critique for the same. Malthus theory’s final result targets towards the available food for the population, but in reality this theory needs revision, there needs to be added other factors.

Population Growth+Energy Demand+Environmental Degradation together will bring the final output i.e. decreased availability of quality and real food.

Quality & Real Food, is it really available today, genetic research has led to genetically modified crops, which are drought and bug resistant, need less water; this all sounds good, but what about the production and distribution.

Further, these days there are lot of synthetic food products in the market, so no quality food here.

Environment: Ambient Air & Water Pollution

Measuring both, ambient air conditions, effluent discharge to river bodies is critically important. Industrial pollution mainly consists of Sox,Nox,CO & SPM as air pollutants and measurement of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD(Chemical Oxygen Demand) as critical in terms of water quality measurement.

These days almost all countries have pollution Control Boards,whose sole task is to keep a vigil on pollutants discharged into the environment. It is the pollution boards that prescribes different standards based on new and old installation and also on the types of fuel being used.

Central Pollution Control Board, CPCB , cpcb.nic.in is a nodal agency in India for pollution related efforts. A previous going initiative, which was to provide online data of pollution measurement to pollution boards has picked up and industries to bound provide the data to cpcb and also operate within the limits provided by cpcb.

Will we Loose the Antarctic?

A Research published in nature has revealed that a jump in global average temperatures of 1.5°C-2°C will see the collapse of Antarctic ice shelves and will subsequently lead to hundreds and even thousands of years of sea level rise.
Around 90% of the heat from global warming has gone into the ocean, and because of this ocean warming antarctic ice sheets, also known as ice shelves are in danger. Melting of these ice shelves will results in a substantial increase approximately 40 cm rise by the year 2100. (See Here)

Movies like Core, Day After Tomorrow, & 2012 are there to Teach us before its Late…

We have had some wonderful science movies or I should rather say future reality science movies.
We have the movie core where one country’s attempts to make a dangerous weapon results in the core of the earth to stop spinning and that means no more magnetic field and no atmosphere on Earth. And without the atmosphere instead of the healthy Vitamin D we have the harmful UV rays.
Next,we had the Day after Tomorrow, where our acts lead to a change in North-Atlantic current leading to a major global weather anomaly. This weather anomaly was leading towards towards a new ice age. The Vice President of United States in the movie said, ” The world economy is pretty fragile”. Yes, it is fragile but so is our environment and the result we all saw in the film.
Lastly… Not lastly but lastly in this lot 2012, Tectonic shift and Africa becomes the roof of the world.
All these movies show us the power of the nature. And it is unstoppable.
A snake will almost always bite you if the snake is scared or is aggravated and likewise so will nature.