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Malthus is true but needs Revision

Thomas Robert Mathus theory, “Principle of Population” proposed that human population grows exponentially,while food production grows at an arithmetic rate.

Malthus theory has been questioned by many and there exist many critique for the same. Malthus theory’s final result targets towards the available food for the population, but in reality this theory needs revision, there needs to be added other factors.

Population Growth+Energy Demand+Environmental Degradation together will bring the final output i.e. decreased availability of quality and real food.

Quality & Real Food, is it really available today, genetic research has led to genetically modified crops, which are drought and bug resistant, need less water; this all sounds good, but what about the production and distribution.

Further, these days there are lot of synthetic food products in the market, so no quality food here.

The Message is Crisp & Clear

At times
on our travels, on just a general outings with family and friends
We come across some great words…
“Keep the Environment Clean
Leave No Foot Prints,Take Memories.”
A Small Step Towards Building a Sustainable World


Carbon Storage

Excerpts used from article by Chelsea Harvey, Washington Post dated july 29

The basic concept of carbon storing is simple i.e. catch carbon dioxide from factories and other industrial facilities before it goes into the atmosphere and then either store it indefinitely underground or inject it into oil reservoirs to help pump out more oil.
But while many experts have touted the process as an essential factor in the mitigation of climate change, others have argued that it’s too risky.
A new study published in the journal Nature Communications has addressed a concern associated with carbon storage i.e. safety. In the past, critics have suggested that carbon dioxide stored underground may be able to corrode the rock layers above it and eventually escape, a possibility that’s been supported by some modeling and laboratory studies. This would be bad for the climate, of course, but some environmental and public health advocates have also worried that escaped carbon dioxide in large volumes could damage the water or air quality of nearby communities. But the new study suggests that such concerns may be overblown. The researchers examined a natural carbon dioxide reservoir near Green River, Utah, and found that the carbon dioxide has been trapped underground there for about 100,000 years without dangerously corroding the rocks that are trapping it in place. (For perspective, climate experts have suggested that carbon dioxide must be kept stored underground for at least 10,000 years to keep it from adding to the current global warming.
These observations suggest that storing carbon underground may (at least at some sites) be much safer than previous model and laboratory experiments have suggested.

Smart Grids

A few years back power houses generated power and the grids distributed it. There used to occur load shedding based on peak demand and if there used to be any scope power generated was ramped up.
Simple Grids to supply us the power energy to run our homes, our industries.
Today we are working day and night towards finding other sources/alternatives for power generation and unlike the power few years back this power is decentralized and hence the need for smart and new breed grids.
One major challenge associated with renewable energy is that the power is dependent on weather conditions, if the conditions are conducive we get lots of power. Now unlike our conventional power plants this creates a problem. Hence, smart grids with power storage is of extreme importance today.

Covering of Taj Mahal During World War and Now

Taj Mahal is known as the monument of love and it was made from white marble. Mughal emperor Shah Jahan got this marvel built and it is more than 350 years old.

Taj Mahal was so white that to protect Taj Mahal during the World War the Britishers got it covered so that the enemy planes couldn’t see Taj Mahal from the top.

But, now environmental pollution has faded away this monument of love.

Energy Efficiency & Technological Advancements

Standards of living have improved and since the year 2000 global GDP has also risen. New technologies and ideas have brought in a lot of hope and promise to satiate our energy demands and at the same time lowering units spent annually. For example: 275 units (KwH) annual consumption for a 350 L refrigerator.
With the advent of concepts of energy efficiency and good marketing about energy efficient products and devices ( such as the BEE label- 2 star, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star) people are becoming responsible. In simple terms, people think less power usage means less electricity bill.
Also, there are over a billion vehicles on planet earth and that means harmful NOx, and CO emissions from the vehicle. To counter that we are turning to more efficient and stringent Euro Norms.
But still, a lot more needs to be done.

Movies like Core, Day After Tomorrow, & 2012 are there to Teach us before its Late…

We have had some wonderful science movies or I should rather say future reality science movies.
We have the movie core where one country’s attempts to make a dangerous weapon results in the core of the earth to stop spinning and that means no more magnetic field and no atmosphere on Earth. And without the atmosphere instead of the healthy Vitamin D we have the harmful UV rays.
Next,we had the Day after Tomorrow, where our acts lead to a change in North-Atlantic current leading to a major global weather anomaly. This weather anomaly was leading towards towards a new ice age. The Vice President of United States in the movie said, ” The world economy is pretty fragile”. Yes, it is fragile but so is our environment and the result we all saw in the film.
Lastly… Not lastly but lastly in this lot 2012, Tectonic shift and Africa becomes the roof of the world.
All these movies show us the power of the nature. And it is unstoppable.
A snake will almost always bite you if the snake is scared or is aggravated and likewise so will nature.