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Global Map – Wind, Weather, Ocean

Wan’t to have a look at present condition of wind, weather and ocean

Here it is

You can see high winds, low pressure regions, hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, arctic air circulation, ITCZ ( inter tropical convergence Zone).

Pretty useful, when planning travels or any of your solo outdoor adventures. Although don’t follow it just like that, combine it with local weather forecasts, but its fun and lot of learning by just looking at this.


Arctic Drilling

Finding new source of energy to fuel the demand for energy is what everyone is working on.
And we have reached the Arctic but a report, by Greenpeace and WWF, assesses the risks of an oil spill in Russia’s Arctic, where Gazprom is about to begin drilling.The report says that Drilling for oil in the Russian Arctic could have disastrous consequences because of the lack of technology and infrastructure to deal with a possible spill.
A Big worry not just for environmentalists but many others.