Hurricane Matthew

With Hurricane Matthew battering Florida, Haiti and with over 800 deaths this Category 3 storm has turned into a nightmare for many.

But exactly causes the hurricane and are we responsible?

Hurricanes are intense low pressure systems that form over warm ocean waters  and their source of energy is water vapor, which is evaporated from the ocean surface. Hurricanes gradually die as they move over cooler waters, which do not have the heat energy necessary to evaporate sufficient water vapor to fuel the hurricane. 

Global warming has raised the average global temperature by about 1°F (0.6 Deg C) over the past century. In the oceans, this change has only been about 0.18 Deg F (0.1 DegC). (source:
But, this 0.1 Deg C is proving to be a big problem for us and the results as we all know are catastrophic, the latest example being that of hurricane Matthew. 

CO2 levels for August’2016

Its 9th September today and the weather doesn’t look good, its a bit hazy. While scouring the web today I came across the following piece of data.

CO2 levels for August,2016 have been recorded at 404.07.

In January,2005 this value was 378.21.

The current value means an increase of approximately 7 percent in the last 11 years.

Yes, CO2 is a green house and it important for a warm climate but higher value of CO2 is dangerous and we call this global warming.