Monthly Archives: December 2015

Smart Grids

A few years back power houses generated power and the grids distributed it. There used to occur load shedding based on peak demand and if there used to be any scope power generated was ramped up.
Simple Grids to supply us the power energy to run our homes, our industries.
Today we are working day and night towards finding other sources/alternatives for power generation and unlike the power few years back this power is decentralized and hence the need for smart and new breed grids.
One major challenge associated with renewable energy is that the power is dependent on weather conditions, if the conditions are conducive we get lots of power. Now unlike our conventional power plants this creates a problem. Hence, smart grids with power storage is of extreme importance today.

Environment: Ambient Air & Water Pollution

Measuring both, ambient air conditions, effluent discharge to river bodies is critically important. Industrial pollution mainly consists of Sox,Nox,CO & SPM as air pollutants and measurement of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD(Chemical Oxygen Demand) as critical in terms of water quality measurement.

These days almost all countries have pollution Control Boards,whose sole task is to keep a vigil on pollutants discharged into the environment. It is the pollution boards that prescribes different standards based on new and old installation and also on the types of fuel being used.

Central Pollution Control Board, CPCB , is a nodal agency in India for pollution related efforts. A previous going initiative, which was to provide online data of pollution measurement to pollution boards has picked up and industries to bound provide the data to cpcb and also operate within the limits provided by cpcb.

Natural Disasters

Albert Einstein gave the world an equation, E=mc2 and if clearly think of our every act, natures every act we will clearly understand the magnitude and effect of this equation.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another. Nature has a way of taking all back it has given to the humankind.

Massive Earthquake in Nepal

Deadly Flooding in Texas and Oklahoma
Floods in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Typhoon Komen

Super Typhoon Soudelor Strikes the Pacific

Massive Floods in Malawi and Mozambique

Drought worsens life for people of Ethiopia

Mudslide devastates the village of Bento Rodrigues, Brazil

And these are just some of the news headlines. Nature has the power to take it back from us in a flash and nothing…absolutely nothing can take stop the sheer force of nature.
We have to protect and preserve our pristine wilderness, our environment and the planet we live on. Yes, off-course we will have demands to satiate our needs but there is always a way and as I read somewhere, Nothing is impossible, it is just that impossible takes more time.