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El Nino & La Nina

We hear news and we also hear weather forecasts…
It goes something like this 
Max Temperature-
Min Temperature-
Well that’s pretty much the standard… 
I first read about El Nino & La Nina way back in my school and sometime back I came across the two terms again.
So…What is this El NiNo? What is La Nina?
How will it affect the weather? 
El Nino and La Nina are weather patterns that result from variations in ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific.
El Niño, which is essentially an abnormal warming of the tropical Pacific Ocean. This leads to abnormal or altered weather patterns around the globe. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon which appears every 2- 7 years and some of the impacts typical of El Niño events:
#Dry conditions over Australia, Indonesia and India.
#Increased precipitation over regions of South America and the Eastern Pacific and this leads to flooding and landslides.
#Weaker than normal Indian Monsoon causes drought which can vastly reduce crop yields.
La Niña episodes represent periods of below-average sea surface temperatures across the east-central Equatorial Pacific. Some La Niña impacts are:
#Wetter than normal conditions west of the equatorial central Pacific over northern Australia and Indonesia during the northern hemisphere winter, and over the Philippines during the northern hemisphere summer. 
#Wetter than normal conditions over southeastern Africa and northern Brazil, during the northern hemisphere winter season. During the northern hemisphere summer season, the Indian monsoon rainfall tends to be greater than normal.

Brown Mountains from a Distance But…

Eagle & The Mountain

Above is a photograph of a mud colored mountain shot from a distance…

Mountains are magnificent. Think of the Mighty Himalayas, home of the highest peaks in the world.

Now look again closely at our mountain above. Let me bring to your eyes, another photograph of our mud colored mountain.

This is a mountain but unlike what we want to see. This is a mountain of a pile of garbage and this site is located in Delhi. And this is a common site you will find almost in all metropolitan cities.

We humans need food to survive. We eat, our body assimilates what it needs from the food and the rest our body excretes out. So, basically this is human waste.

Likewise, there are many other wastes that are not generated by the human body. Yet the wastes are generated by humans. Yes, where there are humans living there will be waste but then there are also mechanisms in place to tackle this. During my visit to Paris I saw a cylindrical box coming out of a road, I walked close to box see what it was. I realized that it is waste box containing used beer bottles. Wow…What an ingenious idea. And on top of that this box was cleaned regularly and all the bottles/glass re-processed.

If, we humans want we can’t work wonders and we should work wonders for development considering the fact that environment degradation is not an option for our wonders.