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Movies like Core, Day After Tomorrow, & 2012 are there to Teach us before its Late…

We have had some wonderful science movies or I should rather say future reality science movies.
We have the movie core where one country’s attempts to make a dangerous weapon results in the core of the earth to stop spinning and that means no more magnetic field and no atmosphere on Earth. And without the atmosphere instead of the healthy Vitamin D we have the harmful UV rays.
Next,we had the Day after Tomorrow, where our acts lead to a change in North-Atlantic current leading to a major global weather anomaly. This weather anomaly was leading towards towards a new ice age. The Vice President of United States in the movie said, ” The world economy is pretty fragile”. Yes, it is fragile but so is our environment and the result we all saw in the film.
Lastly… Not lastly but lastly in this lot 2012, Tectonic shift and Africa becomes the roof of the world.
All these movies show us the power of the nature. And it is unstoppable.
A snake will almost always bite you if the snake is scared or is aggravated and likewise so will nature.