Monthly Archives: January 2014

Everything is Linked

Earth is said to have formed around 4.5 billion years ago. Man didn’t start living on Earth right from the very beginning. Though, there are many theories about beginning of human life on Earth but almost always all the theories talk about fire. And as we move from primitive to the today’s man one thing remains the same i.e. man’s need for energy. 
Everything is inter-connected and we all know that sum total of energy always remains constant and there is only transformation from one form to another. A perfect example in this regard is the atomic bomb. The need for energy has always baffled us made us to work towards finding new alternatives and sources of energy such as clean-tech alongside finding new reservoirs for existing sources such as oil, gas, coal, nuclear.
Decades back if one would have said that we can harness clean energy from sun, water, wind, hydrogen that person may have thought of as fool, as all visionaries are thought of in the beginning. And now that we are deeply involved in clean-tech, one thing more is required i.e. sustainability.
Sustainable Energy…