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According to an estimate around 40000 thunderstorms occur daily all over the world. 

Thunderstorm= Thunder+Storm
For a thunderstorm to occur we need to have moisture, disturbance in atmosphere and a lift generated by pressure difference.
There are three different types of thunderstorms i.e.  Ordinary Cell, MultiCell & SuperCell Thunderstorm. The names here are self-explanatory as what each of thunderstorm points to.
And Ultimately, thunderstorms result in hail, bad forced winds,Tornadoes, Heavy Rains.

World Energy Scenarios: Jazz & Symphony 2013

There are only meetings taking place in a hope that solution will be found to the energy problems but the truth is, we all are struggling and probably if things don’t improve we will keep on struggling to take to take long-term decisions with a long term vision to deliver the resilient energy infrastructure we need and will need.

In October, 2013 World Energy Council published its report on World Energy Scenarios where the study put forward two realistic scenarios i.e, the Jazz scenario and the symphony scenario. These scenarios were put forward with an aim to allow energy decision makers to assess what is actually happening in the world now and gauge what will happen in the future.


As an energy scenario, Jazz has a focus on energy equity with priority given to achieving individual access and affordability of energy through economic growth.


As an energy scenario, Symphony has a focus on achieving environmental sustainability through internationally coordinated policies and practices.