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Process Control

The Term “Automation” was first coined at Ford Motor Company in 1940s. But in reality if we think of the past we have instances where machines were built to reduce human work, in other words automate the process. The biggest benefit of automation is that it saves labor, however, it is also used to save energy and materials and to improve quality, accuracy and precision.

Applications of Pressure Switch, Furnace Safeguard &Supervisory Lab, NTPC, New Delhi 
A pressure switch is an instrument that automatically senses a change in pressure and opens or closes an electrical switching element when a predetermined pressure point is reached. It is designed for alarm, shutdown and control of various processes. In this project the pressure is tested and calibrated for a particular pressure which is set by adjustment screw.

Multi Channel Data Logging System using LabVIEW
This project aims at acquiring real time Process signals from the Process plant and analyzing the same on LabVIEW software, thereafter employing the control mechanisms as desired pertaining to switching on/off plant systems.

Reacceleration Scheme

Power Plant is a very critical unit. Any problem in this unit affects the downstream units.  Problems like cable faults, failure of end terminations of load and source lead to flashover which subsequently leads to Voltage dip. This voltage dip or fault sometimes may lead to a total failure and thus it results in a huge amount of capital loss. To reduce failures due to this voltage dip a simple but efficient scheme is to ensure availability of all major drivers and motors is to introduce a concept of re-acceleration in them. This scheme does not involve any major investment, only requirement is to build a logic that holds its command to the drives such that electrical contactors do not drop in case of a minor voltage dip or any similar type anomaly.



Firing Control in Boilers

There are logics that have been designed to control fuel firing in boilers and ensure optimum fuel firing with the aim of maintaing a set header pressue for SHP( Superheated Steam).However most of these logics are better known as master header pressure control. However these logics are very complex to implement and has certain drawbacks. An entirely new logic was proposed and implemented by me which took care of fuel firing in boilers on individual basis.