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Surviving if Lost

Earth is a big planet( don’t compare in context to a jupiter).

What if you get lost somewhere on earth and you don’t have a compass.

If it’s a day…

1.) Using an Analog Wrist Watch

In the Northern Hemisphere.

Take your watch, point the hour hand towards the sun and bisect the angle midway between 12 o clock and the hour hand of your watch is North-South Line

But wait, where is North…where is south


Sun rises in east and is in the east before noon. The Sun is at Due South at noon. The sun is in the west after noon.

In the Southern Hemisphere.

Everything Remains the same as in Northern Hemisphere, except that point the 12 o clock towards the sun.

2.) Spiders almost always make their nest facing south.

If it’s a night…

Identify the North/South pole star. The Earth Rotates no its axis but the location of pole star is always fixed and all the stars rotate around the pole star.