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How & Why: Reasons Energy & Environment

During my school days I learnt about fossil fuels such as coal & oil and my friends and I often used to discuss about future and often used to come up a premise that 25 years henceforth there will be almost no or very little fossil fuel left. I was a kid back then and no oil meant that I wouldn’t be able to travel in a car; I had no idea that the absence of an energy source is far bigger thing than not travelling in car. Sports is an important activity in every kids life and every morning I used to get up at 5 am just to play cricket and football, for it would become very hot as the sun would come up later in the day. Today, what I experienced as a kid can be narrowed down to just a simple tag line Human Needs: Energy & Environment. 

Time to innovate and think differently has come and we need to act fast.

We say that Food, Water, Shelter & Clothing form the basic necessities of life but we need energy to drive each of these basic necessities and in order to achieve this energy we are disturbing our environment. We are burning more gas, oil, & coal, even though there is a shift towards alternatives but it is not just enough and as Newton’s Second law of motion goes, we have Environment, Global Warming, Hunger etc, as the reaction of the nature against our actions towards energy. Our demands for energy are and will always be on the rise and hence we continuously explore new sources of energy; during this exploration at times we fail to realize that there is a delicate link between biodiversity in a region and yet we can’t subside as energy is our necessity and a healthy ecosystem is also our prime requirement.

There are problems then there are solutions. Everything has an answer; we know some answers while some answers are hidden. We need to think beyond the conventional thinking and innovation & creativity is the answer. By having empathy with the idea of need, & working together with like minded people is what I seek and eventually together we will be able to create and re-create for a better good.